Welcome to cygale.net

cigala.pngHello ☺, cygale.net is a website building platform. It uses the Cigala open source software.

You can check out the demo website on https://demo.cygale.net/.
Ask me to get access to its admin interface to try out Cigala.

Register to get your own website with 5MB of free space.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more space!



Why “cygale”?
The name is based on the French word “cigale”, which means “cicada”, and is twisted in reference to Mygale.org (sorry, link in French), an historic piece of the web which originated from the university where I work. The name of the underlying software is also “Cigala”, which means “cicada” in Provençal Occitan (a dialect from the south of France).

Why 5MB?
Because it is plenty enough for most personal websites ☺. And it is also a reference to Mygale.org which offered 5MB of web space when it launched in 1996. But do not hesitate to ask for more if you need to!

What counts as disk usage?
Each account has a dedicated SQLite database. Your disk usage is computed as the sum of the size of your database + the size of your web pages and uploaded files + the size of your zip archive if you let it on the server (you can choose to delete it any time and you can always rebuild it even when you're out of space).

How do I change/reset my password?
You can ask for a password reset link to be sent to your email address from the account page.

Is there a guide to the HTML page structure to help with building new themes using CSS?
This is on my todo list… Meanwhile you can check-out the source or use the inspector tool from your browser.

Can I use my own domain name?
You can't do that here but you can always use the zip export feature and host a copy of your website wherever you want. Some registrars offer a bit of web space along with domain names, and there are many free hosting services that support custom domains.
That said, you can stay here and customize your website address at registration by choosing any subdomain available under one of our domains: .cygale.net, .perso.page, .asso.page.

How to contact me?
You can email me at pablo at cygale.net or get in touch with me via Mastodon, Bluesky, or Twitter.

About Cigala

Cigala is an easy to use CMS written using PHP and SQLite. It is very easy to install on any hosting platform that offers PHP and has SQLite support (that is virtually all of them) as it consists in a single PHP source file, which is used only for editing websites. Indeed, Cigala generates static HTML pages which can then be served very efficiently from anywhere (even on platforms that do not support server-side scripting, such as Neocities).

You can run your own instance of Cigala by following the installation instructions that you will find in the README file on its repository. Installing Cigala in single-user mode is particularly easy.


Cygale.net is friendly brought to you by Pablo Rauzy and sponsored by the Cubi.