Updates from cygale.net

New domains: .asso.page and .pirates.cf

Use cygale.net to build your association's website and get a nice URL using our new “.asso.page” domain name, or share your inner pirates with the world using our new “.pirates.cf” domain! Arrr, it's time to get on board, matey!

New feature: multiple domain names!

You can now choose among multiple domain names at registration! For the time being, there are three domains available: “.cygale.net”, “.libertaires.org”, and “.fulltxt.net”.

I will also try to design new themes with colors that match the “spirit” of each domain as soon as possible (all themes will be available to all users, not just to those who chose to use the corresponding domain).
UPDATE: There is now a “libertaires.css” and a “fulltxt.css” theme ☺.

⚠ Please note that users who chose to use a domain that is not “.cygale.net” will need to use their complete domain name for login.

New feature: now you can forget your password

There is a new “Account” page on which you can request to change your password. It will send you an email with a one-time link that allows you to set a new password.

On the same page you'll be able to update your email address, to either add one if you didn't at registration, change your current email address, or remove your email address from our system (by leaving the field empty).

New feature: take-away ZIP archive

In the admin interface, it is now possible to download a ZIP archive copy of your website so you can host it elsewhere ☺. You can access this new feature in the “Actions” tab.

Cygale.net is live!

I just announced Cygale.net publicly ☺.

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